Ideas for doing research on Pump as Turbine

The topic of Pump as turbine is not new but recently due to the advent of different soft-computation technologies and growing demand for electricity has opened the scope and increased the interest of research in this topic. Most of the recent studies deal with optimization of performance and/or hydraulic efficiency of pump as turbine,environmental benefits,numerical simulation of cavitating flow,application in high rise buildings,identification of unstable region,CFD simulation,hydraulic transient analysis,effect of misaligned guide vanes etc. Fuzzy logic was widely used as a soft computation technique to achieve the study objectives. Below are some of the areas under Pump as Turbine where further research may yield useful and novel results.

  1. Impact of climate change on Pump as Turbines(PAT).
  2. Location selection for installation of PAT based hydro-power plant.
  3. CFD Analysis of Pump turbine for identification of unstable regions under different demand scenario
  4. Impact of climate change on fluid flow and cavitation in Pump as turbine systems
  5. Selection of ideal pump and turbine combination for development of a pump – turbine based power plants
  6. Minimization of water and energy use of water systems by installation of pump turbine schemes.
  7. Impact analysis of misaligned blades on performance efficiency of pump-turbine systems.
  8. Indicator based system identification of clearance flow and load rejection,
  9. Selection of renewable energy systems in hilly regions
  10. Impact of conveyance efficiency on loss due to PAT.

Different soft computation techniques can easily be used for achieving objective  of PAT and if possible an experimental set up to establish/validate the data may be installed.

In recent times validation of data has become an important issue for getting acceptance.However,the ten topics above requires in-depth research,analysis and novel synthesis.

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