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20112017 : Data collection for US based hydro-power plants are easy with the launch of HydroWISE

It is "the gateway to hydro-power data, tools and maps, publications and projections from five participating national laboratories: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory."

Link :

08072017.1.Name of the Website: Buoy Weather


Why you should visit? Data for wave height, wind speed, ocean current etc. Historical and daily data along with seven-day forecast is available.

Subscription: Free or Paid (Subscription Charge: Rs.972 per month(approx.))

From the home page: “Receive an accurate marine weather forecast for any GPS point”

08072017.1.Name of the Website: International Hydropower Association(IHA)


Why you should visit? “data for over 8,000 individual hydropower stations of above 1 MW capacity, representing 89 per cent of global capacity, as well as company and national data.” (from ‘Maps’ home page).IHA is an association for people working in the field of hydro-power.

Subscription: For Individual Membership:  Rs.9245.75 per year

From the home page: “World hydropower statistics”