Development of indicator based real time pen-stock condition monitoring system by the application of Geographical Information Systems(GIS) and Cognitive tools

The GIS based condition monitoring systems can be developed to monitor the vital parameters of pen-stock networks which is used in hydro power plants to carry water from the source to the power house for generation of energy. The plant efficiency is often compromised due to the reduction of conveyance efficiency of the pen-stock network. The reason for this decrease can be attributed to the diminution in the depth to width ration or increase in roughness coefficient due to sedimentation or increase in infiltration due to erosion of the channel bed.The problem if remains undetected can cause a detrimental effect on utilization efficiency of the power plant which will result in wastage of resource and increase in operating cost of the plant.

Scientific Benefits that can be achieved from the results of the study:

The condition, load or flow rate etc. in a pen-stock can be monitored real time if the digitized shape files and its attribute tables can be connected to a set of sensors which can measure and send the status of the vital parameters, important for condition monitoring of the pen-stocks in large scale hydro-power plants. The portability of the monitoring system is another reason for installation of such real-time monitoring systems. A GIS map can be used in any type of device if the map-codes are generated in platform independent languages like Java etc. Most of the tools used for GIS nowadays offer such features in their digitization module. From the digitized maps,the power plant will be enable to identify vulnerable points and erroneous portions which can be rectified by adopting to required mitigation measures.

Prerequisite :

1.Knowledge of any open source GIS Software like Diva GIS or Q-GIS

Knowledge of any Cognitive Modeling Technique like Artificial Neural Networks/ Polynomial Neural Networks/ Nature Based Prediction Techniques like Particle Swarm Optimization (A tutorial by Petrakis.S) , Ant Colony (A tutorial by Majumder.J) etc.

2.Basic terminology of GIS

3.Knowledge of Open Channel Flow Equations (A 63 page Tutorial by Web Kit) / Flow equations by the author of this article

Related Papers/Monographs

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