Five Latest Papers Published from Elsevier on Pump as Turbine

In 2018 , total 2936 numbers of paper was published from Science Direct or Elsevier Publisher on the topic of “Pump as Turbine”. In 1995 the total number of publication from Elsevier on the same topic was 922. Although, there is a reduction of number of papers published in 2018 compared to 2017 (4349),a steady increase was observed from 2006(1080) to 2017 which depicts a constant increase of research in this field. Below are the five latest papers on Pump as Turbine which was published in 2018 from Elsevier Publishers.

  1. Pumps as turbines for efficient energy recovery in water supply networks,Research article
    Renewable Energy, Volume 122, July 2018, Pages 17-25
    M. Kramer, K. Terheiden, S. Wieprecht
  2. Cavitation behavior study in the pump mode of a reversible pump-turbine,Research article
    Renewable Energy, Volume 125, September 2018, Pages 655-667,Ran Tao, Ruofu Xiao, Fujun Wang, Weichao Liu
  3. A general methodology for performance prediction of pumps-as-turbines using Artificial Neural Networks,Research article
    Renewable Energy, Volume 128, Part A, December 2018, Pages 265-274
    Mosè Rossi, Massimiliano Renzi
  4. Unstable behaviour of pump-turbines and its effects on power regulation capacity of pumped-hydro energy storage plants,Review article
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 94, October 2018, Pages 399-409
    Giovanna Cavazzini, Jean-Bernard Houdeline, Giorgio Pavesi, Olivier Teller, Guido Ardizzon
  5. Experimental study of viscosity effects on a pump as turbine performance,Research article
    Renewable Energy, Volume 127, November 2018, Pages 539-547
    Sina Abazariyan, Roohollah Rafee, Shahram Derakhshan

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