How to find the best wave energy converter for shore line protection by the AHP MCDM method ?

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This tutorial will show you the procedure to identify the best wave converter for shore line protection with the help of the Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP) Multi Criteria Decision Making(MCDM) method. The following points may be noted :

  1. During the ranking of alternatives, with respect to Cost of installation and Distance from Electrical Grid, the alternative with lower cost and distance was given the best or first rank and alternative with the highest cost and distance was assigned the worst or last rank.

2.  AHP  can be solved by the Eigen Value(See the tutorial by Kardi,2006) method also.

3. There is a requirement of finding the Consistency Ratio ( See Page no.18 on-wards ) or CR to check the consistency of the ratings given in the Pair wise Comparison Matrix(PCM) for both criteria and alternatives. In the present study ratings were directly calculated from the complement value of the rank.That is why consistency checking is not required for the present investigation.

4.Also download the Excel file of the Example problem by clicking this link : Excel file for AHP Tutorial

Learning Materials on AHP

The above tutorial is a case study on AHP method by which one can understand the procedures adopted for the application of the method in solving real life decision making problems. For a detail introduction on AHP you can refer the books given below :

Decision Making Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP); A Step by Step Approach(Research Gate Link)

Step by step approach for application of AHP written by Hamed T. The author try to describe AHP with examples and real life problems.Full text may be shared on request to the author.

Exercises for Teaching the Analytic Hierarchy Process

This is another tutorial which teaches AHP with examples from different problems of business administration.This text is free to download and authored by Lawrence Bodin and Saul I. Gass.

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