International Journal of Hydro-Climatic Engineering

International Journal of Hydro-Climatic Engineering is a peer reviewed journal which publishes innovative research papers,notes,reviews based on the topic of hydrology,climate and their interaction and interdependence.


1.2.1. Nature Based Algorithms Artificial Neural Networks Particle Swarm Optimization Ant Colony Optimization Artificial Bee Hive Bat Algorithm Any other Any new

1.2.2. Water Based Systems Treatment Plant Distribution systems

1.2.3. Energy used in water based system optimal utilization of conventional energy resources optimal utilization of renewable energy resources identification of energy guzzlers uncertainty and risk analysis pattern identification minimization of energy waste

Year of Establishment : 2009

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Call for Papers : Submit your original research papers,technical reviews or case studies for possible publication in this journal.The publication process of this journal is a three step methodology.

1. Verifying the scope of the paper with the scope of the journal: If the scope of the journal do not matches with the scope of the paper the same will be rejected in this step.

2. Submitted for Technical review : The paper will go for technical review,i.e., it will be checked for grammatical mistakes and formatting requirements.The journal follows a specific formatting rule and if majority of the paper is not formatted according to the rules the same is return back to the authors.The formatting requirement of the journal is as follows:

Title of the Paper : Font Style : Bold, Font Type : Times New Roman,Size : 14

Name of Authors and Designation : Normal,Times New Roman,10

Headings : Bold,Times New Roman,12

Sub-Headings or Heading 2 : Normal,Times New Roman,11

Sub-Sub-Headings or Heading 3 : Italics,Times New Roman,11

Paragraphs : Normal,Times New Roman,11

Reference : Follow Chicago Style Referencing

3.Submitted for Core review by invited reviewers : The paper will be ultimately send to three reviewers for core review.The reviewers will decide whether the paper may be accepted in present form or accepted after modifications or can be resubmitted after major revision or summarily rejected.Depending upon the majority decision of the reviewers the Editor will decide about the possibility of the paper to be published in the journal.

Once the paper is published it will be available in the website.

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