Welcome to Baipatra : The Water to Energy portal.

This site was established in the year of 2003. After lot of changes, presently the main objective remains the same : providing innovative research ideas for encouraging sustainable solutions specially in the field of water and energy.

Here in Baipatra, we help authors to find the idea they are looking for their Under Graduate, Post Graduate or PhD thesis, projects for career development or paper for publication in reputed journals.

Often we find that selecting an idea for research is the most troublesome job in our entire academic career because one had to identify a topic which is “hot” and contemporary in the research fraternity but not cultivated enough. Again in the  fast changing World of R&D, a topic is “hot” in one day but “flop” in the next day.That is why, it is extremely necessary that you have a steady flow of unique ideas upon which you can develop your scholastic quest.

Baipatra will propose one idea per fortnight.The idea,abstract and brief methodology for converting the idea into reality will be provided. Required tutorials,software and link to instruments will also be provided. All this information will be provided free of cost.

In return, we want you to use the idea for your thesis, accomplish your academic objective and give an acknowledgement and back-link to this website, in the thesis and papers published on the idea provided here. Ideas provided in Baipatra can also be claimed and once claimed the same idea can not be reused.But one can use the same by modifying the original idea. In that case also proper acknowledgement must be provided to Baipatra.

Along with the ideas,we also provide example problems which can be solved by using GIS, MCDM or advanced numerical techniques like Nature based modeling and optimization techniques. The top five papers based on citation and recent five papers on that topic followed by related journals, books, instruments,institutes and recent call for papers were also added.

Apps are developed such that you can use it for your investigations on that idea.

Other than using the research ideas, you can also use this site for the following options :

Contribute or use the Contributions

Anyone can post a call for paper for publication in journals, special issues, books, conferences or workshops etc. Your post will be listed in the Call for Paper link from where one can use the enlisted opportunities to publish their innovative contributions.These Call for Paper opportunities can be utilized by students and researchers for publishing their research on those platforms.


One can also post recommendations about a software, book, instruments, journals, conferences, tutorials etc. to help others shorten their search for that information. List of recommendations can be found by clicking the Recommendation in Baipatra link and browsing the information posted in the site.

Other Websites

In addition to  running Baipatra, we also publish and manage the following websites:

Energy in Style : This site deals with ideas related to Water and Energy nexus. Water used in energy sector and energy used in Water sector requires optimal management for maximum utilization as in recent years, both are scarcely available. In this aspect to motivate research on this topic this site will provide ideas for projects along with tutorials and related bookmarks for pursuing higher studies and developing the field of Water and Energy Nexus.

Climate Change Association : This is a membership based  websites where  views and news related to the climate change and its impact on the water,energy and socio-economic status of the depending population can be discussed. Not only this various self study courses and call for papers( for special issue or conference or for new journals ) on climate change and it’s impact are posted.

It is to be noted that all the proceedings received by the websites are deposited to the NGO : World Education Trust after paying the fees for hosting and managing the websites and remunerating the honorariums.

Dr.Mrinmoy Majumder,is the founding and honorary editor of Baipatra, Climate Change Association and Energy in style websites. You can find more detail about him from his Linked In / Research Gate profile.



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