Welcome to Baipatra : The Water to Energy portal.

This site was established in the year of 2003. After lot of changes, presently the main objective remains the same : to update water to energy or water based renewable energy researchers about the various opportunities in which they can contribute or search the contributions posted by other researchers such that they can use the opportunities to enrich and enhance their research career.

This site have two options :

Contribute or use the Contributions

Anyone can post a call for paper for publication in journals, special issues, books, conferences or workshops etc. Your post will be listed in the Call for Paper link from where anyone can use the enlisted opportunities for publication of their in those publications.

One can also post recommendations about a software, book, instruments, journals, conferences, tutorials etc. to help others shorten their search for that information. List of recommendations can be found by clicking the Recommendation in Baipatra link and browsing the information posted in the site.

Top 10 call for papers and recommendations based on the editor’s choice will be posted in the Call for Paper and Recommendations page of this portal.

Along with the Baipatra, we also publish and manage the following websites:

Energy in Style : This site deals with the Call for Paper and Recommendations related to Water and Energy nexus. Water used in energy sector and energy used in Water sector requires optimal management for maximum utilization as in recent years both are scarcely available.

Climate Change Association : This is an association where one can share their views and news related to the climate change and its impact on the water,energy and socio-economic status of the depending population. Here also the calls for paper or recommendations can be shared but it must be related to climate change and its impact on the water,energy and socio-economy.

Privitium  : Journals of Water,Energy and Informatics : This site manages few journals related to water,energy and informatics. Presently Privitium manages four journals,namely, :

International Journal of Water and Informatics

International Journal of Energy and Informatics

International Journal of Water Quality Modeling

International Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

International Journal of Hydro-climatic Engineering

Although all these journals are relatively new and not indexed by any Indices none of them are so called paid journals and accept paper for free if cleared by the peer reviewers.

Utilize Optimally : Find Call for Papers and recommendations related to soft-computation techniques like optimization tools,multi criteria decision making methods,predictive modeling systems etc.

Research Meth : This site deals with different aspects of research methodology. Various videos,articles,software,book recommendations are posted along with call for paper for educational conferences are posted in the site for the benefit of young researchers.

All the proceedings received by the websites are deposited to the NGO : World Education Trust.

All the websites are managed and owned  by Dr.Mrinmoy Majumder,the founding and honorary editor of Baipatra, Climate Change Association, Privitium, Utilize Optimally and Research Meth. (Linked In / Academia ).



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