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      I will like to invite you to contribute a chapter for the forthcoming monograph entitled “Application of Soft Computation Techniques in Climate Change Impact on Water and Energy Management” which tries to highlight the impact of climate change on water and energy management.
      Water and energy the resources which satisfies the basic demand of mankind has become extremely vulnerable due to uncontrolled urbanization and unplanned extraction of natural resources.The recent technological advancements has only aggravated the imbalance.In this monograph the strength of soft computation techniques like Multi Criteria Decision Making and Artificial Neural Networks will be utilized to provide solutions to the uncertainty created due to the cumulative impact of climate change,urbanization and uncontrolled utilization of natural resources. The abnormalities like increase in average temperature,enhanced frequency of extreme events,early onset of season etc has induced and enforced adjustments and compromises in the utilization of available water and energy resources.However optimal management of the resources can ensure and sustain socio-economical up-liftment of the dependent population.The present monograph tries to collect such practices where different soft computation techniques like MCDM and ANN will be applied to provide optimal but innovative solution for smart-management of available water and energy resources in face of climatic vulnerabilities and increase in urbanization.
Original contributions from the topics as listed below can be submitted for possible publication in the monograph :
Climate change
Water Resource Management
Energy Management
Water based renewable energy
Water-Energy nexus,
Urban Hydrology
Water Quality and Pollution in Urban areas
Soft Computation Techniques,
Multi-Criteria Decision Making(MCDM)
Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)
Polynomial Neural Network
Fuzzy Logic
Evolutionary Techniques
The monograph is deemed to be published from Springer Nature Publishers.
Please note that your contribution will be peer reviewed and as per recommendation from the reviewers, we will approve the contribution for inclusion in the monograph.
The format of the paper and references should follow the format of Springer Nature Publishers and necessary instructions for the same can be downloaded from Springer Nature Home Page.
I and my co-editor will be highly obliged if you kindly submit one or more of your original articles related to the above listed topics for possible publication in the monograph.
You can submit the paper as an reply to this email(The word file of the paper has to be attached in the reply email) or you can submit it directly by clicking the link below :
Thanking you,
Dr.Mrinmoy Majumder,Asstt.Professor,NIT Agartala
Dr.Ganesh D Kale,Asstt.Professor,SVNIT Surat
Kindly forward this email to your friends,colleagues etc, who you think can be interested to contribute in this monograph.
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