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Focus of Fortnight : Pump as Turbine

Pump as Turbine is a new concept of using kinetic energy in water for generation of electrical energy. In this concept, a pump is used as turbine when demand for electricity is high (peak time) and during off peak pump is used as a pump to lift the water from a lower elevation to higher elevation.

This concept help to save energy by using the same water for generating electricity. Although due to the conveyance loss, water is required to be replenished time to time, but still this type of process, conserve more water compared to that in conventional hydro-power plant.

This fortnight the theme issue is decided to be “Pump as turbine”.The concept will be introduced in detail, by videos shared by experts ,some papers and some links from this field. Few important and exquisite textbooks,tutorials,monographs and software which are used in this industry will also be shared in this issue of the web-zine.

In addition to this the regular topics of the website is also available.

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