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Data collection for US based hydro-power plants are easy with the launch of HydroWISE

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It is "the gateway to hydro-power data, tools and maps, publications and projections from five participating national laboratories: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory."

Evaluation of Energy Saving Measures Employed in High Voltage Electrical Accessories by Analytical Hierarchy Process and PROMETHEUS Method

The energy saving measures employed by various high voltage electrical devices has to be evaluated to ensure the reliability of the claims made by their manufacturer.The adopted measures can be evaluated based on various multicriteria decision making methods like AHP and PROMETHUS. After the related and relevant criteria were identified the AHP and PROMETHUS. The methods may be utilized to give weightage to the selected attributes based on its importance on conservation of energy.Some instruments of same quality may be taken to analyze their capability of conserving energy based on these weighted parameters.

Tools Utilized : AHP and PROMETHUS decision making methods

Keywords : MCDM,AHP,PROMETHUS,HVAC devices,energy conservation

Selection of Performance Metrics for detection of Error in Spatial Prediction Models of Hydrology

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The spatial or distributed prediction models are widely used in hydrology.The performance metrics of such models must be carefully selected keeping in view of the characteristics of errors involved in spatial models.The Multi Criteria Decision Making methods may be followed to select suitable performance metrics for representing the errors of spatial models.The metrics can be evaluated with the help of various criterias. Then concepts like AHP or Fuzzy may be utilized to identify the better metrics according to the need of the user.

Tools Utilized : AHP and Fuzzy Decision Making

Keywords : spatial models, performance metrics,distributed hydrologic models, AHP, fuzzy.



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