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Edition 1 : 8th June 2017

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Latest News

News-080617.1: Department of Energy, USA has awarded a fund of .5 million (.75 million each) to Columbia Power Technologies, Inc. and Vedant Power, Inc. to develop full-scale devices which can reduce the  capital costs, operational costs and in turn increase device availability of Wave Energy Converters.

News-080617.2:After an 18-month competition, the Wave Energy Prize,awarded based on “catalyzing the development of game-changing wave energy converters that will ultimately reduce the cost of wave energy” was given to Aqua Harmonics.

News-080617.3:The technology developer Whooshh Innovations is working with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and others on an inventive project to create “a new fish-friendly transport system.” The new technology utilizes flexible tubes and slight differences in pressure to initiate the  salmon and other fish population to move around obstacles such as the dams in the waterways.

News-080617.4:Chief Scientist Dr R. K. Kotnala and his research partner Dr Jyoti Shah of NPL have developed a new way of making electricity from water at “room temperature without using any power or chemicals”. 

News-080617.5:“Demand for all three is increasing, driven by a rising global population, rapid urbanization, changing diets and economic growth. Agriculture is the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources, and more than one-quarter of the energy used globally is expended on food production and supply”.

The article highlights the importance of forging a nexus and managing both the resources in a tangible manner optimizing the utilization of the resource availability.

News-080617.6:“Morocco is among the most water-stressed countries in the world, and climate change, combined with social, economic and political factors, is creating an ever-more  dire situation”. Application of “sustainable and affordable renewable energy” in seawater desalination(which currently relies on massive amounts of fossil fuels which could weaken the region’s climate mitigation efforts and, potentially compromise the energy security.)

New Ideas

07062017 : Idea 1: Development of indicator based real time pen-stock condition monitoring system by the application of Geographical Information Systems(GIS) and Cognitive tools

The GIS based condition monitoring systems can be developed to monitor the vital parameters of pen-stock networks which is used to carry water from the source to the power house for generation of energy. The plant efficiency is often compromised due to the reduction of conveyance efficiency of the pen-stock network. The reason for this decrease can be attributed to the diminution in the depth to width ration or increase in roughness coefficient due to sedimentation or increase in infiltration due to erosion of the channel bed.

07062017 : Idea 2: Development of a Spatial Predictive Model for Estimation of Flow Rate in Pen-stock Networks

A neural network model can be developed to predict flow rate at different points of the pen-stock network in a hydro-power plant. The value of the parameters in the earlier junction can be used to predict the value of the same parameters in the present junction. A digitized map of the pen-stock network can be developed where each junction and pen-stock length between the junctions are digitized and the data of the vital parameters are stored in the attribute table linked to the shape files. The collected data stored and continuously updated in the attribute table can be used to train a model by the neural network methodology for prediction. Such models can be used to know the status of the pen-stocks at different points.

 Short Tutorial

07062017 : How to digitize pen-stocks leading to powerhouse of a hydro-power plant from the site maps?

Benefits: The condition, load or flow rate etc. in a pen-stock can be monitored real time if the digitized shape files and its attribute tables can be connected to a set of sensors which can measure and send the status of the vital parameters, important for condition monitoring of the pen-stocks in large scale hydro-power plants. The portability of the monitoring system is another reason for installation of such real-time monitoring systems. A GIS map can be used in any type of device if the map-codes are generated in platform independent languages like Java etc. Most of the tools used for GIS nowadays offer such features in their digitization module. From the digitized maps,the power plant will be enable to identify vulnerable points and erroneous portions which can be rectified by adopting to required mitigation measures.


Journal 080617.1: Special Issue Call on Soft Computation Techniques and Nature Based Algorithms in Water and Energy Based Systems

Aims and scope:

“Owing to the advancement in soft computation techniques, the introduction of nature mimicking algorithms in the 1980s have enhanced the reliability and uniqueness of the solutions for mitigation of the associated uncertainties encountered by water and energy based systems. However, a common platform for publication of related research.

Journal 080617.2: International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER) is indexed by Thomson Reuters, Emerging Sources Citation Index on Web of Science on 29/10/2015.

About the Journal as taken from their home page:

“The International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER) seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge of the various topics and technologies of renewable (green) energy resources. The journal aims to present to the international community important results of work in the fields of renewable energy research, development.


080617.1.Name of the Website: Buoy Weather


Why you should visit? Data for wave height, wind speed, ocean current etc. Historical and daily data along with seven-day forecast is available..More

080617.2.Name of the Website: International Hydropower Association(IHA)


Why you should visit? “data for over 8,000 individual hydropower stations of above 1 MW capacity, representing 89 per cent of global capacity, as well as company and national data.” (from ‘Maps’ home page).IHA is an association for people working in the field of hydro-power.


080617.1.Integrated Method for Power Analysis (IMP 5.0)

A online web based software for evaluating small-scale hydroelectric power sites. IMP utilizes relevant meteorological and topographical data to evaluate all aspects of an un-gauged hydro site.It have three integrated module : Flood Frequency Analysis Model for generation of the flood frequency curve from the topographic information specific to the site; Watershed Model to generate a continuous hourly or daily time series of stream-flow based on daily precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature and a description of the basin and A Hydroelectric Power Simulation Model to determine the daily energy.

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100617 Editorial 1

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100617 : Editorial 1

Although many people ignore the importance of water based renewable energy resources but till now this kind of energy is inexpensive and easy to convert into utilizable forms like electricity. On the other hand, the demand for energy is always rising along with the burgeoning population. The technological advancements along with the need to live luxuriously is aggravating the requirement of energy.

As a result, the role of new and renewable energy has become extremely important and worthy of investment in terms of economy, research and overall human sustenance. In India, on 9th of June 2017, IREDA becomes a limited company and enlist itself in the stock exchanges for generating fund for new project on development of renewable energy in the subcontinent. Keeping in view of the present scenario, such decisions are contemporary and need of the hour which may help or provide an opportunity to solve the global energy crisis.

On the other hand, the exit of USA from the Paris 2015 treaty on Climate Change and greenhouse gas(GHG) emission limit, executed between the developed and developing countries, is a major setback, as USA is second to China as the biggest emitter of ‘carbon gases’ responsible for global warming and change in climatic pattern all over the World.

Climate change also imbibes uncertainty in the energy generation and renewables which depend upon water to generate energy is largely effected. However, if both water and energy is managed simultaneously to provide support to each other, the problem caused by the change in climate and energy scarcity can be minimized.

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