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080617.1 Integrated Method for Power Analysis (IMP 5.0)

A online web based software for evaluating small-scale hydroelectric power sites. IMP utilizes relevant meteorological and topographical data to evaluate all aspects of an un-gauged hydro site.It have three integrated module : Flood Frequency Analysis Model for generation of the flood frequency curve from the topographic information specific to the site; Watershed Model to generate a continuous hourly or daily time series of stream flow based on daily precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature and a description of the basin and A Hydroelectric Power Simulation Model to determine the daily energy output for a run-of-river or reservoir storage site based on selected generation facilities and the hydrologic daily time series generated by the Watershed Model. Along with the earlier three modules the software has a Fish Habitat Analysis Model to help determine the weighted usable area (WUA) of one or more types of fish in a stream cross-section at a flow. “Weighed usable area is the area available in a stream for fish to inhabit, and is a function of discharge and fish preference.”

Read the link below for more info :,-Regulations---Planning/IMP-Software.aspx